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Educator Rights

The Issue: Educator Rights

Respecting our educators as professional experts in our field means more than just paying a living wage. It means centering our voices and expertise in legislation that affects our work. We stand up for educators having a voice in decisions that affect them and will fight to protect and expand labor and workers rights in Colorado. We call on elected officials to commit to building an accountability system that is designed by educators, free from bias, and utilizes existing, nationally-validated assessments that have more immediate, actionable data to inform student learning.

What We’re Doing About Educator Rights

Here are a few things that we are standing up for around the rights of educators:

  • We believe in strengthening the ability of education employees to bargain collectively, including a statewide collective bargaining law for all public school employees.
  • Educators have the right to have adequate time, professional autonomy, resources, and training for all educators to meet the needs of their students and focus on classroom instruction and pedagogy.
  • We believe in reducing class sizes in all grades as well as reducing the ratios of students assigned to the following school employees: counselors, nurses, social workers, psychologists, special education providers, and other public school employees who are assigned a specific case load of students.
  • We believe in ensuring educators have a voice in policy decisions that affect them.

During the 2023 legislative session, we are prioritizing advocating for the following policies:

  • Starting a process to reimagine a holistic accountability system, with educators and experts in the field leading the effort to design a system that serves the students and educators of Colorado.
  • Passing the Interstate Teacher Mobility Compact, allowing teachers to use an eligible license held in another state to get an equivalent license in Colorado, lowering the barriers and getting teachers back into the classroom more seamlessly.
  • Protecting public sector workers when they speak up about working conditions.

Learn more on our legislative advocacy webpage.