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Join CEA

The Colorado Education Association is the voice nearly 40,000 educators, working together in a strong union to ensure all students get the exceptional public schools they deserve in every neighborhood across the state.

Join The Colorado Education Association

CEA is Colorado’s largest union led by educators for educators. We are teachers, counselors, social workers , nurses, bus drivers, food service workers, education support professionals, mechanics, custodians, maintenance workers, office professionals, retired educators, future educators and everyone who makes up the diverse and vital fabric of our public school system. Our members deliver real change that promotes, advances, and protects public education. Join today to help strengthen the education profession and the quality of education for every student in Colorado’s public schools.

Using Our Collective Voice

Being an educator can be stressful — but you’re not alone. CEA members have a support system of nearly 40,000 educators and CEA staff who live and work in your community.

Salary and Benefits

Educators deserve professional pay for professional work — and the members of CEA are fighting to ensure you’re paid what you’re worth and for your benefits such as health insurance and retirement. 


From local school boards to the state legislature, elected officials are making decisions that impact our public schools — and our union has a seat at the table. CEA members are advocating for increased funding, raising respect for all public educators, and ensuring our schools are safe for all those who work and learn within them each day.

Collective Power

We advocate for pro public education laws that achieve gains for our students, educators and our community. We support you at the bargaining table, in the community, and in your schools. Through collective action can bring about change for our students, ourselves, and our community.

Student Success

We believe that ALL students — regardless of family circumstances, where they live, where they were born, how they look, who they love, or the language they speak — have the right to a public education that helps them reach their full potential. Members are the best advocates, and to that end we enable members like you to  speak with unity and authority on the issues that matter.

Building Your Skills

Colorado college faculty member stands in front of lecture hall with students

CEA offers top-notch professional development opportunities led by fellow educators and designed to improve the quality of teaching and learning. Whether it’s attending one of our conferences, taking online courses, pursuing our fellowship program, or applying for a scholarship or grant, CEA can help you be the best educator you can be!

Our statewide conferences deliver knowledge and skills for CEA members on a variety of topics including teaching and learning, racial justice and equity, LGBTQ+, education advocacy, new and veteran educator issues, and leadership skills. When you attend a CEA conference, you experience engaging workshops and sessions from leaders in public education across Colorado.

Types of Membership

Happy family with arms around each other enjoying beautiful mountain view on hiking trip. Beautiful red mountains and green hills in Colorado. Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.

Classroom teachers, counselors, special educators, school psychologists, social workers, school nurses, vocational teachers, and other certified professionals.

Paraeducators, food service workers, bus drivers and mechanics, custodians and facility managers, school secretaries and clerical staff, nurses and health aides, maintenance employees, security personnel, landscapers and groundskeepers, technicians, and other classified professionals.

Professionals who are at least 45 years old and have retired or are preparing for retirement from an education profession.

Instructors, faculty members, and staff of higher education institutions. Join Here

Aspiring educators who are enrolled in a teacher preparation program or pursuing an education major in a Colorado accredited public or private college or university prior to having a teaching license and are planning to pursue a career in education.

K-12 public school substitute teachers, principals, assistant principals, and other school administrators as well as charter school teachers, special service providers and education support professionals working in charter schools. Join Here

The Benefits of Membership

Happy family with arms around each other enjoying beautiful mountain view on hiking trip. Beautiful red mountains and green hills in Colorado. Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.

CEA membership empowers active teachers and special service providers to come together and have a say in our classrooms, schools, and workplaces. Joining together in a strong union gives us the power in numbers to negotiate with our employers about our pay and working conditions and to advocate for our profession with elected officials and other decision makers.

In addition, as a member of CEA and NEA you have access to a variety of other benefits.  Whether it’s access to legal services or discounts on shopping and travel or savings on home and car insurance, membership in the union provides a range of tangible benefits.

Become a Member Today

CEA members are as diverse as the students we represent, but united in our purpose: fighting for the schools our students deserve. CEA members can belong to the movement in every phase of their career!

We hope you will join the thousands of Colorado teachers and special service providers who work together through our local, state and national association to help every student thrive. If you have any questions please reach out to the CEA membership team.