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Legal Services

Comprehensive Legal Services for CEA Members 

CEA is the only public education employee organization in Colorado that provides comprehensive legal services for members in matters that involve their educational employment activities.

Our association provides legal representation for our members for matters that arise out of the scope and course of their employment. Our lawyers are experienced in the representation of:

  • Civil rights violations
  • Federal Medical Leave Act violations
  • Americans with Disabilities Act claims
  • Breach of contract and other state law violations
  • Dismissal actions
  • Licensing actions
  • Unemployment hearing
  • Criminal defense against criminal charges that arose out of the performance of duties that fall within the course and scope of educational employment activities

Members also receive Educators’ Employment Liability insurance and access to attorney referrals for personal matters.

Legal Assistance

If you need help with a job-related problem, it’s not insurance you need. It’s people.

Our Association provides comprehensive legal assistance for a wide range of employment matters such as performance evaluations; discipline; non-renewals, lay-offs, and dismissals. Our attorneys are trained and experienced in public education law, employment law, and labor law; some specialize in criminal law as well. CEA is the only public education employee organization in Colorado that provides this comprehensive legal services program.

We have people there for you, such as:

  • Association Representatives in schools and work sites;
  • Local Association Presidents;
  • Full-time UniServ Directors; and
  • Experienced Association staff.

These people can help you resolve employment related problems quickly, informally or formally. They are your first call when an issue arises. And if you need legal representation or assistance, CEA’s staff attorneys are highly experienced in labor, employment, and education law. Your wisest protection is not job-related insurance. It’s your Association membership.


Personal Liability

Protection and assistance are absolutely critical in an education career – and we have the people to go with the insurance.

Educators are exposed to situations that may give rise to legal actions involving your personal liability.
All Active unified (CEA-NEA-local) members are eligible to participate in the Educators Employment Liability Insurance (EEL) program.

The EEL insurance policy provides coverage for employment-related civil suits brought against a member for negligence and conduct. The EEL insurance policy also provides coverage for a member when they’re charged with violating a criminal statute in the course of their employment as an educator.

CEA has attorneys on staff to help members with employment related matters. Such protection and assistance are absolutely critical, and the CEA staff attorneys are experts in the applicable areas of Colorado law involving educator rights and protections.

CEA has attorneys to provide representation in sensitive matters, such as sexual harassment or discrimination. Other professional organizations that offer membership to public school employees, your employer, or insurance companies with business liability riders on homeowner insurance do not offer the same level of coverage that CEA offers their members.


Attorney Referral

Receive two free consultations on personal legal issues annually.

Educators rely on our Association for legal support in the workplace, but we can also assist when you need legal advice in your personal affairs.

One very popular program is the CEA-NEA Attorney Referral Program, providing you and your family with affordable access to legal help for personal matters.

CEA-NEA members get two free 30-minute consultations on personal legal issues during each membership year (Sep 1 – Aug 31). If you need help beyond this, the program gives you legal assistance at rates well below participating attorneys’ usual fees. Active Members (teachers and education support professionals) and Retired Members and the member’s spouse and dependent children are eligible.

CEA and NEA have secured attorneys in Colorado and throughout the U.S. to participate in the program at substantially reduced rates. During the two free consultations, you can get legal assistance in five core areas at a 30 percent discount off the normal fee at any time in nearly 40 states.

  • Wills and Estates – Wills, estate planning, help for estate executors or administrators, guardianship proceeding
    Real Estate – Purchase or sale of residential property, landlord disputes, property line controversies, zoning laws and land use regulation
  • Domestic Relations – Annulment, divorce, separation; alimony, custody, child support, guardianship, adoption, and paternity; name changes
  • Consumer Protection – Disputes with creditors or finance agencies; proceedings with retailers about defective merchandise
  • Traffic Violations – Charges of operating under the influence, reckless driving, or offenses involving potential loss of license, jail sentence, and financial liability in excess of $50

Our Association is committed to having only qualified, competent attorneys in our Attorney Referral Program. Before attorneys can help our members, they are approved by both NEA and CEA. They must agree to provide service at convenient times outside education employees’ normal work days, discuss fees before they provide services, and accept payment by installment payment plans.

Learn more about the CEA-NEA Attorney Referral Program.