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Colorado Education Association Announces Recommendations for 2024 Primary Elections

Posted on: May 22, 2024
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Bethany Morris
Colorado Education Association

May 21, 2024 

Colorado Education Association Announces Recommendations for 2024 Primary Elections 

DENVER, CO — The Colorado Education Association (CEA) today released its recommended candidates for the 2024 primary elections. After a legislative session in which the legislature took historic steps to fully fund public education by buying down the Budget Stabilization Factor to $0, CEA and its nearly 40,000 members are looking forward to continuing the momentum by electing pro-public education candidates across all four corners of the state.

“After a historic legislative session where educators showed up at the Capitol weekly to ensure that students, educators and public education were a priority this legislative session, the nearly 40,000 members of CEA are now concentrating on electing officials who are staunch supporters of public education,” said Amie Baca-Oehlert, high school counselor and President of CEA. “Our students and educators deserve to learn and work in schools that are adequately resourced and supported. The recent efforts to reduce the Budget Stabilization Factor were a significant initial step toward addressing the funding gaps, but this is only the beginning. We need our elected officials to boldly pursue permanent, sustainable and equitable solutions to ensure our education system is fully funded and capable of meeting the needs of future generations. This is essential for creating an environment where both students and educators can thrive and for maintaining the quality of education that our communities expect and deserve.”


State Board of Education 

  • State Board of Education CD 2: Kathy Gebhardt (D-Boulder)

  • State Board of Education CD 8: Rhonda Solis (D-Greeley)

State Legislature 

  • House District 4: Tim Hernández, CEA Member (D-Denver)

  • House District 10: Tina Mueh, CEA Member (D-Boulder)

  • House District 31: Julia Marvin (D-Thornton)

  • House District 36: Bryan Lindstrom, CEA Member (D-Aurora)

  • House District 52: Yara Zokaie (D-Fort Collins)

  • Senate District 18: Judy Amabile (D-Boulder)

  • Senate District 28: Mike Weissman (D-Aurora)


About the Colorado Education Association
The Colorado Education Association is a membership-based organization that represents nearly 40,000 Colorado education professionals. The CEA promise to our students and communities is that the members of the Association will lead the way in guaranteeing every student access to the best public education. By working collectively with all education stakeholders, we will provide the best public education for every student and assure Colorado’s standing as an excellent state in which to learn, live, work, and raise a family.

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