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Colorado Education Association, Gov. Polis and Legislature Celebrate B.S. Factor Buydown to $0 

Posted on: February 29, 2024
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February 29, 2024

Colorado Education Association, Gov. Polis and Legislature Celebrate B.S. Factor Buydown to $0 

CEA Rally Celebrated Fully Funded Era expected in School Finance Act introduction 

Denver, CO – Today, the Colorado Education Association (CEA), Gov. Polis and members of the legislature held a rally on the west steps of the Capitol in advance of the School Finance Act bill introduction that will include the buydown of the Budget Stabilization Factor (B.S. Factor) to $0. 

“Educators are thrilled that we’re finally able to take this vital step towards a fully funded era of public education,” said Amie Baca-Oehlert, high school counselor and president of CEA. “Adequate public school funding means that educators will have the tools they need to provide every child with an exceptional education, regardless of their race, zip code or economic circumstances.” 

Introduced in 2010 as a way to balance the state budget during the Great Recession, the B.S. factor “borrowed” money from K-12 education every year until Colorado students faced a funding gap of more than $10 billion. Combined with state tax code constraints, per-pupil funding levels have failed to keep pace with national standards, consistently placing Colorado among the lowest-ranked states. While buying down the B.S. Factor is an important step to fully funding public education in Colorado, doing so will only return public education funding to 1989 levels. 

“Funding plays a crucial role in shaping the landscape of public education – and it’s an investment in the future success of Colorado and the prosperity of our state,” said Baca-Oehlert. “Everything our students deserve, like smaller class sizes, school safety, ample mental health resources and attracting and retaining high-quality educators, depends on adequate school funding.” 

“CEA looks forward to a future where education is continuously prioritized and funded. Looking long-term, we need a permanent funding solution that prioritizes fairness and equality, ensuring that resources are distributed equitably and adequately among schools and communities,” said Baca-Oehlert.  “With full funding, we can bridge the educational gaps and provide every child with the tools and opportunities they need to succeed. We look forward to continuing to work for the schools our students deserve.” 


About the Colorado Education Association
The Colorado Education Association is a membership-based organization that represents nearly 40,000 Colorado education professionals. The CEA promise to our students and communities is that the members of the Association will lead the way in guaranteeing every student access to the best public education. By working collectively with all education stakeholders, we will provide the best public education for every student and assure Colorado’s standing as an excellent state in which to learn, live, work, and raise a family.

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