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Professional Development

We're driving education policy conversations among stakeholders and delivering professional learning opportunities to members across the state.

We advocate for you in the classroom.

CEA’s Teaching & Learning team works with educators across the state to drive changes to education policy in Colorado in order to provide an exceptional classroom for every student in Colorado.

Professional Learning

educators at summer leadership conference outside breckenridge


Teaching is tough business – so don’t go it alone. CEA’s innovative online learning platform, COpilot, delivers relevant resources to give you a professional edge so you can help every student thrive. Online courses are fully blended and facilitated by your colleagues, and COpilot’s built-in social network forum, COnnect, gives you a place to meet, greet and create with other Colorado educators. We can all use a COpilot to soar higher and go further in our profession.

Summer Leadership Conference

Our premier professional learning event of the year brings 200+ members together from across Colorado every June to build skills and share knowledge. Members make their own conference schedules and attend a wide variety of workshops offered by experienced trainers with unique professional perspectives. The conference also features a distinguished lineup of speakers who give powerful insights on the critical education issues of the day.


Leadership Development for Bargaining & Organizing

Throughout the year, we have a variety of opportunities for interested members to get more involved in our union by providing support, training, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

Become a Member

There is power in numbers. Joining together in strong union allows us to empower educators and give you a collective voice to negotiate and advocate for your students, your workplace, and your profession.