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Retired Education Employees

We care about students and our professions, even though we might not go into our schools every day.

Retired educators are those who have retired from the education professions. Even though retired educators may not go into our schools every day, they continue to advocate for our profession, our schools, and the retirement security they deserve.

Why Join:

Your membership connects you to other committed peers, provides statewide and national opportunities to engage, and adds your voice to the collective voice in support of Colorado public schools and its children.

As a member, you can join your colleagues in advocating for the retirement security you deserve. Your eligibility for NEA Member Benefits programs will continue, and you can continue to support your colleagues, students, and public education.

Your interests at the statewide level are represented by the CEA-R Representative Council, a governing body with elected representatives from each CEA Region. Local Retired associations throughout the state offer a variety of volunteer, leadership, and networking activities.

Note that if you plan to go back to active work in a school district or substitute in a certified or classified position, it is recommended that you maintain an active membership (instead of a retired membership) as the Retired membership does not include any legal services or protections for working at a school site.

Close to retirement?

If you are not retired, but at least 45 years old, you are eligible to join as a Pre-Retired Life member. This is the best, easiest and most affordable way to begin your membership as a retired educator.

Join Today!

Remember, if you have any NEA member benefits, you must maintain a membership when you retire.

Become a Retired Member

There is power in numbers. Joining together in strong union allows us to empower educators and give you a collective voice to negotiate and advocate for your students, your workplace, and your profession.

Stay Connected 

Have you read our most recent newsletter? The CEA-R Communicator is the official retired member newsletter of the Colorado Education Association. Your need to be logged in to access.  

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Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA)

Colorado educators often spend a lifetime serving students and families. We want to ensure that the retirement benefits promised to educators are there when they need it. Learn more about our state’s public pension system

Retired members attending NEARA 2023 in Orlando

Member Events 


CEA Fall Bargaining and Organizing Conference – November 11-12, 2023 

CEA Delegate Assembly – April 5-6, 2024

NEA Retired Conference – March 3-5, 2023

CEA Summer Leadership Conference – June 7-8, 2024

Member Benefits

As a union member, know your union is here for you. Learn more about a few of the many supports that CEA provides for you.


Contact our CEA Membership team.

We hope you will join the thousands of retired educators in Colorado who have decided to join their national, state and local associations that work collectively to help every student thrive.