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School Safety

Our students reach their fullest potential when they—and their educators—are safe in their schools.

The Issue: School Safety

Our schools – their successes and their challenges – are often a reflection of the issues our communities are wrestling with. This is especially obvious with our schools’ ongoing struggle to ensure safety of all those who work and learn within them each day.

Safety in schools is a top priority for our organization. However, 67% of educators are “very” or “somewhat worried” about a mass shooting at their school. We believe that schools should be spaces where all members of the school community feel safe and welcome.

We need to work on creating an authentic engagement between community members and policymakers, so that decisions made by policymakers are not only focused on just the physical security of our buildings. We also need to focus on improvements in social-emotional support for students by increasing the number of counselors, social workers and mental health professionals at our schools. And these mental health supports are not just needed by students, but for education professionals as well.

    What We’re Doing About School Safety

    We know that educators, administrators and policymakers can work together to decrease incidents of school-based violence. Our organization is focusing on three components that we believe most readily affect the safety and well-being of our students and education professionals: increasing mental health support for students and educators, boosting LGBTQ+ acceptance and inclusion, and focusing gun safety regulations so that our schools remain safe places for learning.