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Testing and Accountability

Colorado's school accountability system uses standardized test scores to rate schools and districts.

The Issue: Testing and Accountability

We believe that our current model of school and teacher assessment relies far too heavily on results from student testing. Contrary to our current model, an effective accountability system would serve to provide a full picture of how our schools are serving students (based on a broad spectrum of indicators) so that timely support for students’ and educators’ needs can be provided.

We also believe that education professionals must be included in decisions that affect accountability and assessment, so that these systems become tools for not just penalizing and pointing out deficits without providing support and resources, but for championing and repeating schools’ successes.

Our goal is to build an accountability system that includes multiple indicators of school quality and student success. Some indicators may include:

  • Graduation rates.
  • Students’ access to resources and supports, including advanced coursework and fully qualified teachers.
  • Number of specialized instructional personnel.
  • Access to libraries.
  • Modern instructional materials and facilities.
  • Health and wellness programs.
  • High-quality early education programs.
  • Arts and athletic programs.

What We’re Doing About Testing and Accountability

Our goal is to advance policies that reduce the influence of high-stakes testing in defining teacher assessment and student success. In support of this goal, we will:

  • Build and strengthen relationships with partners and parent groups to lead a joint
    fight on testing.
  • Elevate educator voices and increase engagement at the State Board of
  • Education and within the Colorado Department of Education.
  • Educate parents, educators, policy makers and the public about the racist and discriminatory history of standardized testing.
  • Develop and implement tactics to dismantle the current standardized testing system; build a movement to resist testing abuse and overuse, and to promote authentic assessment.

Learn more about how we plan on bargaining and organizing to reach our goals around testing and accountability.