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Growth. Leadership. Union Engagement.

G.L.U.E. features focused trainings, practice opportunities, coaching and check-in’s with CEA’s organizing team.

Join the G.L.U.E. Year Round Organizing Program!

The Growth, Leadership, & Union Engagement (G.L.U.E.) program is a year-round, three phase program that teaches foundational organizing skills to members and emerging leaders.


Employing top-notch organizing skills allows us to win better public schools, solve education problems and create a stronger CEA.

G.L.U.E. features focused trainings, practice opportunities, coaching and check-in’s with CEA’s organizing team. Participants must be part of a local team consisting of at least two members and one local staff person and/or local president. Members will engage fellow members and potential members in 1:1 conversations about issues that affect their school, students and districts in their local union.

During each phase, G.L.U.E. members will set numerical goals for their 1:1 conversations and identify leaders and new members, all with the help of their zone organizer. Participants will also participate in two solidarity actions in each phase of the program (six in total) to build solidarity with workers in other unions and community organizations. Each phase will run for eight weeks:

  • Phase 1: Beating Apathy
    This phase will focus on organizing basics to build a base of power and strength for their local union: solidifying one-on-one conversational skills, how to identify leaders, how to identify and test issues, new member recruitment, and house meetings. You will focus heavily on welcoming new employees to your district and inviting them to join your union. This is the only paid phase of the program – a one-time $3,000 stipend – and should be considered a part-time job.
  • Phase 2: Building Your Team
    This phase will focus on taking the issues members have identified in one-on-one conversations in Phase 1 and performing structure tests to see if these issues are deeply and widely felt to move membership into action. Participants will identify potential leaders and build up the base of our union.
  • Phase 3: Running Campaigns
    This phase will focus on building a campaign plan to win on the issues that were identified and tested in Phase 2. The campaigns will include a variety of strategies to win: bargaining, legislative, elections, school boards, etc. – and includes building member and community relationships. Participants will work to recruit new member leaders into the program for next year, expanding the base of our union and creating a year round cycle of growing new leaders.

Applications are currently closed and typically open in late spring. Check back later for future application information.

For more information, please contact CEA’s Organizing Team or your local leadership or UniServ office.