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Charter School Educators

We work day in and day out to make sure our students succeed.

Charter School Educators

We work day in and day out to make sure our students succeed.
colorado charter school teacher pose in a group photo with NEA and CEA leaders in the CEA Board Room

Charter educators work in a Colorado charter school and work day in and day out to make sure students succeed. In recent years, many charter school educators across the country have joined together in strong unions to demand a say in working conditions, salary and benefits, and how to best serve students.

Why Join:

CEA membership empowers educators of all backgrounds to come together and have a say in our classrooms, schools, and workplaces. Joining together in a strong union of more than 39,000 educators gives us the power in numbers to advocate for our professions with elected officials and other decision makers.

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In addition, whether it’s access to legal services or discounts on shopping and travel or savings on home and car insurance, membership in the union provides a range of tangible benefits.

How to Join:

Fill out a membership form here

Close to retirement?

If you are not retired, but at least 45 years old, you are eligible to join as a Pre-Retired Life member. This is the best, easiest and most affordable way to begin your membership as a retired educator. Learn more about our Pre-Retired membership.

Remember, if you have any NEA member benefits, you must maintain a membership when you retire.

Questions about joining?
You can contact our CEA Membership team to determine your eligibility and for any other questions you have.

We hope you will join the thousands of Colorado educators who work together through our local, state and national association to help every student thrive.