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Gun Violence in Schools

The Issue: Gun Violence in Schools

We all know that gun violence in schools is a critical issue. 67% of educators are “very” or “somewhat worried” about a mass shooting at their school. It’s time we listen to educators who are at the center of this issue, and live with its complexities and repercussions every day. To that end, we asked Colorado educators if they would feel safer if educators at their school were allowed to carry a gun. The majority, 69%, said that not only would this not make them feel safe, it would have the effect of making them feel less safe. This sentiment was echoed across all of our survey participants, regardless of where they’re situated in Colorado.

Here is what educators believe would alleviate gun violence incidence within schools:

  • 39% of educators believe we should provide increased funding and resources for mental health counseling in schools and communities.
  • 23% of educators think we should change school discipline policies.
  • 20% of educations think we should make buildings more secure by installing better locks, metal detectors and buzz-in systems.

What We’re Doing to Support Less Gun Violence in Schools

One of our legislative priorities include passing stronger gun safety regulations to keep our schools and communities safe. We support banning assault-style weapons, requiring a waiting period for all firearm sales, and raising the minimum age to purchase a gun to 21.

We also support banning all weapons from school property, facilities, vehicles and school activities regardless of where they are conducted, except when carried by law enforcement or trained School Resource Officers. Learn more about our goals to reduce gun violence in our legislative advocacy page.